The University of Applied Science Rotterdam has appointed dr. P. Vuijk to professor Public Care and Prevention for Youth. The mission of the Public Care and Prevention for Youth research group for the upcoming years, is to significantly contribute to effective prevention and care for youngsters in Rotterdam.

    The research group has connected a research programme to this vision with three research themes. The first is to develop and test indicated prevention programmes. The social objective is to make a significant contribution to enhancing the resilience of youth, their parents and teachers to

    1. decrease, compensate or make bearable the psychosocial problems of the youth, and
    2. to make these prevention programmes available to and integrate in Rotterdam institutions for youth welfare work and in education, after the research group has proven that the programmes are effective.

    The research group develops and tests programmes both for the youth themselves (research theme 1a[KH1] ) as well as for their parents and teachers, with the aim to support them through optimising complex pedagogical contexts [KH2] (research theme 1b). The second objective [KH3] is to develop and test implementation strategies for youth professionals (research theme 2). 


    Yulius Academy and Yulius Education, Horizon Education and Youth Care, BOOR Foundation, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus MC/Sophia Children's HospitalVU Amsterdam.

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