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Research group Disability Studies; Diversity in Participation

This research group came into being through collaboration with Disability Studies in the Netherlands.

Ever since the Dutch government in their policy envisaged a society in which everybody should participate, the issue of what participation entails from different perspectives, and what is necessary to enable it has become an even more urgent topic than before. The focus of the research group is on the participation and belonging of people with disabilities in our society, and how this works in daily practice.

The field of Disability Studies offers a different perspective on these issues; among other things, the perspective of disabled people themselves. This is of great social significance if everyone is to be given the chance to contribute to society.

Students and teachers at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences are involved in the research group, and the results will contribute to the further development of vocational education.


Disability Studies in the Netherlands, associations of people with disability (BOSKVGR), association of parents of children with disability (Platform EMG), organisations of child (and adolescent) welfare work (Horizon, Cardea), Power Platform Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, local government of Rotterdam, care organisations (YuliusPameijer), Rehabilitation Centres (Rijndam), Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) Rotterdam, and Ghent University (Disability Studies and Inclusive Education).

"If every person in society has a right to participate, how is it that not all of us feel we belong? What are we going to do about that?"

Dr. Mieke Cardol Applied research professor Disability Studies; Diversity in Participation

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