Lectorate Motivating Learning Environments

    Five secondary (special) education school boards in Zeeland are initiating the professorship Motivating Learning Environments. The research will therefore largely focus on Zeeland's education. Precisely because it differs from the practice in Rotterdam in a number of respects, it is possible to examine whether or not mechanisms are context-dependent.

    A powerful and motivating learning environment does not come about by itself. How do you develop these, what is expected of students and lecturers and how is the collaboration with the field of work shaped? What are the learning outcomes for pupils and students?

    The lectorate Motivating Learning Environments contributes to answering these questions through practice-based research, among other things. This way, it gives an impulse to the development of powerful learning environments within secondary (special) education and the expected learning outcomes. Education, practice and research collaborating on issues from the field of secondary (special) education will be encouraged. This way, the lectorate contributes to the ambition of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences to connect education, research and the improvement and renewal of the (regional) professional practice.

    ‘Motivating Learning Environments’ has become an increasingly important subject of discussion in secondary (special) education in recent years. In a motivating learning environment, pupils and students feel good about themselves. We would like to know if pupils and students do indeed thrive and perform better in this environment. I find it a challenge to involve practitioners in the field of secondary education as well, in order to shape learning from practical assignments through collaboration between lecturers, students, pupils and researchers. I am very much looking forward to working on this theme together with all those involved.’

    Petra Poelmans Professor Motivating Learning Environments