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Result-focused & collaborative work

Knowledge acquisition and its application in the professional field contribute to the enhancement and continual renewal of both courses and professional practices. Our applied research is closely linked to education so that it helps transform students into young professionals with a critical, investigative and entrepreneurial attitude.

Projects of the research centres

  • Improved transition in care in diabetes

    Young people have the worst diabetes regulation of all age groups. The way of life and the developmental task of becoming of independence, are often in conflict with living with diabetes.

  • SPRiNG: Starting Strong in Nursing

    Together with a large number of health care and educational institutions, the Research Centre Innovations in Care will start a four year study into the causes of drop out amongst nursing students and new graduate nurses.

  • Regional Consortium Pregnancy & Childbirth

    The central theme of this project is that psychosocial problems, psychopathology and substance abuse (PPM) that present themselves during the first phase of pregnancy are related to the onset of prematurity and dysmaturity later in pregnancy.

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