Research group Ageing with lifelong disabilities

    The research group researches the (changing) support needs during aging with lifelong disabilities. This may concern (specialist) care in the event of an increase in health and participation problems, but also sustainable participation in the labour market or living together with others on an equal footing.

    Students of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences are involved in this research. The study findings contribute to the further development of vocational education, especially the knowledge about own direction, citizenship and the strategies that people apply to give disabilities a good place in everyday life.


    The research group works together with: CP Nederland, Basalt Revalidatie, Rutgers Expertisecentrum Seksualiteit, Disability Studies in Nederland, Stichting Tiresias, FleksZorg, Need2Care, Snoezelzorg, De Ultieme Zorg, Rijndam Revalidatie, Vereniging Gehandicaptenzorg Nederland, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Universiteit voor Humanistiek, Gemeente Rotterdam.

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