Lectorate Human and Organisational Behaviour

    In our turbulent society, organisations are asked to constantly adapt to changing circumstances. The question is how we can guide individual professionals, teams and organisations in such a way that they succeed in making the required changes with personal commitment and intrinsic motivation.

    Four major themes are central to the professorship Human and Organisational Behaviour. Firstly, the professorship works on a philosophical foundation of Human and Organisational Behaviour as a committed science of practice. This is done in close collaboration with the company Waardenwerk, among others. Secondly, the professorship researches the implications of guiding complex social systems. We do this by means of concrete projects, for example within the judicial framework (prison system, forensic psychiatry) and higher vocational education, but also, for example, in the construction industry. Thirdly, the professorship develops and founds musical and narrative work forms. This is done in close collaboration with the teaching and graduation projects within the Master's in Human and Organisational Behaviour. This also applies to the fourth theme: the further development of action research as a research methodology for the field of study. The professorship regularly publishes on each of these subjects.