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Research group Audit and Registration

The research group focuses on the connection between education, the professional field and Audit and Registration, in particular applied in perinatal care. The research group measures and discusses the quality of perinatal care with all stakeholders in the field, in order to achieve a more integrated collaboration. In order to ultimately improve birth care.

In 2001, the midwife indicator list was introduced. It contained four profiles: A, B, C and D. An A meant that the pregnant woman had no problems prior to pregnancy and had no problems during pregnancy or childbirth, a C meant that you had many problems. B and D stood for consultation situations. With A, the first-line obstetrician could do the work; with C, the gynaecologist came into the picture. The problem is that this system was largely based on a separation of first and second-line care providers and on a shifting situation from few problems and risks to many problems and risks. Over the years, this system has been changing, also because the Ministry of Health wants to work towards integrated care, whereby the partitions between the various care professionals fall away.

This research group is a partnership between the Research Centre Innovations in Care of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and Perined. The research group is also affiliated with the Midwifery Academy Rotterdam, which is a unique partnership between Rotterdam University and Erasmus MC in terms of midwifery education and research.

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