Lectorate Language Development

    The lectorate Language Development focuses on the development of knowledge about the academic and subject-specific language proficiency of students in higher education, and about ways to support their language proficiency development.

    For higher education students, the ability to read, understand, process and write academic and profession-specific texts are important requirements for successful study. In addition, these skills are an important component of future employment. Combining language and subject teaching is a promising strategy for working on students' language development. The university is now combining its research in this area in the new professorship Language Development. In collaboration with the WERKplaats Taal of the university, Van Kruiningen wants to make the results of educational interventions in the field of language developing teaching more visible.

    “I am very much looking forward to working together with the WERKplaats Taal and the study programmes to expand our expertise in the field of language development and language developing teaching. By doing this in connection with the lectorate Study Success and Integrated Curriculum Development (among others), we are jointly building a rich, shared knowledge base that is directly relevant to the educational practice of the university, and unique in the Netherlands.”

    Jacqueline van Kruiningen Professor Language Development