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Lectorate Didactics

The lectorate of Didactics is concerned with strengthening the didactic professionalism of teacher educators and lecturers in order to promote student and pupil learning.

In recent years, the Inspectorate of Education has warned of increasing inequality of opportunity in education: pupils and students with low-educated parents and a migrant background are systematically less likely to succeed at school. This makes demands on the teacher's actions. Didactics and pedagogy are of great importance in order to make learning as effective as possible and thus increase everyone's chances to succeed at school.

In collaboration with the School of Education at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Didactics lectorate is concerned with strengthening the didactic professionalism of teacher educators and teachers with a view to promoting student and pupil learning. Together with teacher educators and teachers, the lectorate will conduct practice-oriented research into the activating interaction that takes place in the classroom and look for ways of optimising it. There is of course a link between pedagogy and didactics in the action to promote learning. Therefore, there will be intensive collaboration with the lectorate Pedagogy.

Research programme

The research of the lectorate is embedded in the research programme Optimalisation of Learning Processes of Research Centre Urban Talent.


“I see my assignment as bridging the gap between theory and practice in such a way that teachers get real tools - based on what we already know - to teach and further refine their didactics with the help of activating interaction.”

Lia Voerman Professor Didactics

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