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Lectorate Pedagogical Professionalism of Teachers

The lectorate Pedagogical Professionalism of Teachers will, together with the School of Education of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, focus on strengthening the pedagogical professionalism of prospective teachers through applied research. The daily teacher-student interactions in educational situations form the starting point to research, make explicit and discuss pedagogical values and ideals with teacher educators and teachers (in training).

In the Randstad region, including Rotterdam, there is a shortage of qualified teachers. In addition, schools place high demands on the pedagogical and didactic knowledge and skills of teachers. In the most recent competence requirements for teachers, pedagogical competence is one of the central pillars (in addition to subject-related and didactic competence). The question for teacher education is how this pedagogical competence can be developed in and with students in a professional and educational context.


“I see my task as making teachers (in training) aware that they are constantly weighing up pedagogical interests in their daily teaching practice, and that gaining insight into which interests matter more than others is only possible when teachers research their pedagogical values and ideals and bring them into dialogue.”

Carlos van Kan Professor Pedagogical Professionalism of Teachers