Lectorate Growing up in the City

    In the big city, the family, the neighbourhood community and social cohesion are under great pressure due to high mobility, cultural heterogeneity, the accumulating problems in certain deprived neighbourhoods and anonymity.

    Growing up in the city is fundamentally different from educational processes in smaller communities. Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences wants to train professionals who promote the self-management and participation of young people, strengthen social cohesion in the neighbourhood and the self-reliance of citizens by helping them in getting their entrance qualification, among other things. This enables children and young people to grow up to adulthood as unhindered as possible. Trained professionals must be able to make connections between the disciplines relevant to growing up in the city. The university of applied sciences aims to achieve this by conducting research, carrying out projects, making scientific research applicable so that professional practice is strengthened and organising debates that stimulate policy development.

    The focus area is aimed at a multidisciplinary, integral approach to issues related to growing up and educating young people. On the basis of research in the aforementioned fields and our own practical research focused on 'good practices' in the region, we develop concepts that are relevant for strengthening professional practice. These are translated into contributions to initial and post-initial education. This training and research approach contributes to the training of officials. These officials can then function at the intersection of different professions and connect them. In short, they are ideal employees for practices such as the broad school and the integral neighbourhood approach. Research Centre Urban Talent contributes to the quality of the content of the Bachelor's and Master's programmes, including Educational Theory and Learning and Innovation.

    Research programme

    The lectorate is embedded within the research programme Social Inclusion of Research Centre Urban Talent.