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    With the increase in healthcare costs and the decrease in numbers of healthcare professionals, applying technology to healthcare is becoming increasingly important. In the coming years, technological developments will advance at an increasing rate, which requires care processes to be organized differently, and healthcare and technical education programs to be better connected. Linda wants to support healthcare professionals with healthcare technology and take some work off their shoulders in their daily routines. Applying technology can increase the quality and safety of care delivered, and can facilitate the self-sufficiency and responsibility of people with a disability or a chronic disease. Healthcare technology can also motivate and support people to live healthier lives.

    This research group connects multidisciplinary teams of students, teachers and researchers from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences with other (international and national) institutions, hospitals and companies in order to cooperate in developing new healthcare technology and to study existing healthcare technology. For example, in the currently running project 'Working in the new Erasmus University Medical Centre - Providing healthcare in single-occupancy ward rooms', we study and evaluate together with students both the technology used (technology assessment) as well as the acceptance of this technology (technology acceptance) and its influence on the healthcare providers' work processes. Based on the results, the healthcare technology will be adjusted for the future use in the single-occupancy ward rooms of the Erasmus University Medical Centre in 2017.


    Erasmus MCErasmus University RotterdamDelft University of Technology.

    "You don't just develop technology because you enjoy it; you need to apply technology in healthcare in a goal-oriented way."

    dr. Linda Wauben Applied research Professor Technical Innovations in Healthcare

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