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    Now that society is demanding healthcare that fits to the individual elderly patient, content-based and organisational cohesion is needed more than ever in elderly care. The ageing population, rising healthcare costs and the growing shortage of qualified staff also emphasise the necessity of better cohesion. In reality, this cohesion is often still lacking because of the diversity of themes and current issues, and because of a fragmented approach. With her research group, Marleen Goumans develops innovative knowledge to clear these obstacles, supported by practice-oriented research and connections in professional education. An important principle of her work is to let people's own capacities give direction to their life. The individual circumstances and the network in which elderly people live should be the deciding factors, not a fragmented collection of organisations, laws and regulations. The Hanging Out project for instance, aims for an integrated neighbourhood-based approach, in which informal and formal care for the elderly are perfectly attuned. Hanging Out is already being implemented in four Rotterdam neighbourhoods.


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    "In elderly care, it's all about seeing the whole person."

    Dr. Marleen Goumans Applied research professor Integrated Care for Older People

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