Lectorate Social Innovation

    The lectorate Social Innovation is concerned with working on renewal of social methodologies, products and processes.

    The problems for which professionals in the Social Domain are looking for solutions are usually persistent. Think, for example, of issues such as 'social cohesion in neighbourhoods', 'loneliness', 'polarisation' and 'poverty'. These times call for new ways of working and new perspectives on complex problems: working with each other rather than alongside each other; connecting to the living environment of the people concerned. It also calls for new ways of research: co-creative and learning. All this falls under the heading of Social Innovation: working on renewal of social methods, products and processes.

    “This is a wonderful moment to start this lectorate. The corona crisis has once again shown the importance of 'the social'. But also the complexity of society and the big differences between groups. I see breakthroughs in finding solutions when boundaries are crossed and at the same time we stay close to ordinary life. I am convinced that social work can play a crucial role in this. Getting to work on this, with the strong team already in place, in such an exciting city, is a privilege.”

    Erna Hooghiemstra Professor Social Innovation