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Urban Talent

Developing talent in social and educational context

How do we stimulate the ample talent that Rotterdam can boast? The Research Centre Urban Talent examines as to how professionals, such as teachers, welfare workers, social entrepreneurs and service providers can tap into and develop this multitude of talent - in their day-to-day work. That is how we create a powerful, inspiring learning environment for everyone.

The tapping and enhancing of the talents of metropolitan citizens requires excellent professionals - teaching staff, social workers, social entrepreneurs, care providers. RUAS, especially its Schools of Education (Teacher Training) and Social Work, is training a new generation of professionals who will be able to face the challenges and, together with the Research Centre for Urban Talent, supports the further knowledge development of the professionals in the field.
The central research question is: Which knowledge and skills should these professionals have in order to effectively support citizens in developing their talents in school, the labour market and their direct social life in, and with, their families and social networks?
The research centre focuses on two research programmes, Optimisation of Learning Processes and Social Inclusion, that both operate in its focal domains of parenting, education, welfare, care and work.

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Urban Talent


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