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    People’s health is largely determined by factors outside the domain of healthcare. For example, education, income, housing, culture, lifestyle and social environment. Therefore, promoting people's health requires an integrated approach. Here, it is important to look especially at the place where many causative factors, the so-called determinants, are present. After all, that is also where the starting points for improvement are. And that place is where people live and work. That place is the neighbourhood.

    The Community Care research group focuses on factors in people's immediate environment that influence health. By looking beyond care and working together with different professionals, such as district nurses, general practitioners, physio- and occupational therapists, social workers and architects, we create a new and improved opportunity for an effective approach. Thereby, aspects of the built environment – such as safety, space and greenery – are very important, as well as the development and use of new technology to encourage healthy behaviour.


    Bachelor courses, the municipality, housing associations, volunteers, schools and companies. The challenge is to look into health broadly on one side and focus on concrete problems in the neighbourhood on the other.

    "Rather than an anonymous phone number of a home care organisation, there's Mary, the district nurse."

    dr. Henk Rosendal Applied research professor Community Care

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