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Research group Care for Loved Ones

In our participatory society, it has become more common for relatives to actively contribute to the care of people with chronic or severe illnesses, and this places great demands on the adaptability of patients' relatives.

The focus of the research group is on two questions: How can healthcare professionals support family and friends to develop skills to care for a loved one, to participate and to stay afloat themselves? And how can healthcare professionals and relatives optimally cooperate for the patient’s benefit? Cultural, social and economic developments and increasing individualisation sometimes make it very difficult for people to (have to) care for someone. The research group aims at paying attention to and acknowledging the position of relatives.


At present, students and lecturers from the Nursing Programme are involved. In the future, students and lecturers from various programmes will be involved. Other researchers from the Research Centre for Innovations in Care are also involved, as well as various researchers, healthcare practitioners and professionals and representatives of informal carers; in oncology, palliative care, geriatric care and home care. Various organisations and researchers nationally and internationally are also involved.

The research group works together with many parties including Erasmus MC, the Regional Consortium Palliative Care South-West Netherlands, St. Leerhuizen palliatieve zorg and its associated institutions for long-term (elderly) care, various home care organisations in the South-West Netherlands region, Amsterdam UMC, LUMC, Pharos, Nivel, MantelzorgNL, Avans Hogeschool, Cambridge University, Digital Legacy Association.

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