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Research group Complex Pain

The research group contributes to the improvement of care for people with complex pain. Despite the fact that we know more and more about the phenomenon of pain and that the number of treatments is also increasing, it still seems difficult to help people with complex pain in a good way. Many people are dissatisfied with the help they are offered.

The research group 'complex pain' looks at which biopsychosocial 'mechanisms' play a role in complex experience. In addition, research is conducted into the analgesic effects of physiotherapeutic treatments in which special attention is paid to the use of 'movement'. The research group also devotes a great deal of attention to the way in which practice innovations can be successfully implemented in metropolitan care practices where people with diverse socio-cultural backgrounds visit care providers. For this purpose, an Academic Workshop for Physical Therapy is being set up in cooperation with care practices for people with complex pain.

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