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Dr. Erica Witkamp

Professor Care for loved ones

Erica Witkamp has been a lecturer in care for loved ones since 2019. In addition, she is involved in the quality assurance of education in the field of research. She also develops and provides education in palliative care.

Erica Witkamp is a nurse and health scientist. She has held various positions in healthcare, management and research, in home care and hospital, with a focus on oncological and palliative patients. In April 2015, she received her PhD from Erasmus University Rotterdam on research into palliative and terminal care in the hospital. She also put nursing research and Evidence-Based Care on the map at the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute. Before this, Erica was a senior lecturer at the Institute of Healthcare and Research Centre Innovations in Care. Since 2019, Erica is lecturer Care for Loved ones.