About the professor

    dr. Ageeth Rosman


    Ageeth Rosman is an obstetrician. Until 2003 she worked in primary obstetric care, after which she made the switch to the Amsterdam University Medical Centre, location AMC, to work as a clinical obstetrician. In 2007 she obtained her master's degree in Midwifery Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. From 2013 to 2017 Ageeth worked at Erasmus MC as project leader within the study HP4All (Healthy Pregnancy for All), with a specific focus on interconception care. In addition to her activities as project leader, Ageeth actively participated in clinical obstetrics until 2016. In 2017 Ageeth started as a lecturer in the Master's programme Physician Assistant, clinical obstetrics with the scientific line of learning as a specific focus area.

    In addition to working at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Ageeth works at Perined. Perined is an organisation that brings together all of the professional organisations involved in birth care. Perined has two branches of registration: the perinatal audit and the perinatal registration. Ageeth Rosman works as a senior researcher in the perinatal audit section.


    Ageeth Rosman was awarded her PhD at the University of Amsterdam on 3 September 2014 on research into improving breech presentation policy, in particular the external version in breech presentation. The title of the thesis was 'Improving management of breech presentation at term'. The research focused on the (re)implementation of the external version because previous research had shown that this proven safe and effective handgrip was not sufficiently applied in breech presentation from 36 weeks.