Dr. Jacqueline van Kruiningen

    Professor Language Development

    Jacqueline van Kruiningen will focus on developing knowledge of the academic and subject-specific language skills of students in higher education, and on ways of supporting their language skills development.

    About the professor

    Van Kruiningen previously worked as a lecturer, research supervisor and team leader at the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and as a lecturer at the Open University. Previously, she worked as a university lecturer in the study programmes of Dutch Language and Culture and Communication & Information Sciences at the University of Groningen. At that university, she also coordinated various educational innovation projects in the field of subject-integrated communication education. Her research focused on students' professional and academic writing skills, writing didactics and teacher professionalisation.

    In 2010, Van Kruiningen obtained a doctorate for research into teacher professionalisation and educational change, with the title: Educational design as conversation: problem solving in interprofessional consultation.

    Other activities

    At the moment, Van Kruiningen is involved as a doctoral thesis co-supervisor in a research project into genre didactics and the connection between reading and writing education in secondary education.