Dr. Erna Hooghiemstra

    Professor Social Innovation

    Erna Hooghiemstra will focus on the development of knowledge about innovations in the social domain. In this way, she will contribute to Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences' ambition to link education, research and the improvement and renewal of the (regional) professional practice in a more intensive manner.

    About the professor

    Erna's field of work is the social domain. Ever since her childhood she has been socially driven, contemplative, always looking for the why. Erna has done research for a long time and is still engaged in research and knowledge about migration, emancipation, youth and family. Her research has expanded to the full breadth of social issues. 

    Working on solutions in practice appeals to Erna. Knowing combined with doing. This stimulated her as a director, as a professor and still in her own company now. She believes in the power of connecting practice, research and policy. To mean more together, for and with the people you are doing it for. She likes to switch between different parties, levels and domains.

    Other activities

    Before this, Hooghiemstra worked as the national chairperson of the Werkplaatsen Sociaal Domein, process supervisor of the knowledge and research agenda for social work, and member of the Advisory Committee on Centres of Expertise for The Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences. Previously, she was director/manager of knowledge organisations and professor at Avans and Fontys.