Dr. Paul van der Aa

    Professor Inclusive Work

    Paul van der Aa has been a professor at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences at the Research Centre Urban Talent since 2015. In addition to directing the research programme of the lectorate, he coordinates the research programme Social Inclusion of the research centre and is a member of the PhD Voucher Committee of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. He is a member of the Knowledge Workshop Urban Labour Market and is a member of the core team of the national professor's platform Breed Platform Arbeid.

    Paul van der Aa has more than 25 years of experience in research into the meaning of work and unemployment for citizens, the development and outcomes of local reintegration and activation policies and the activation role that professionals can play. His main field of research is the city of Rotterdam. He regularly publishes on research results for practice, education and science.

    Paul van der Aa graduated as a cultural anthropologist from Utrecht University in 1993. In 2012 he obtained his PhD at Utrecht University on the execution of activation work.


    By Dr. Paul van der Aa


    By Dr. Paul van der Aa