Dr. Dominique Sluijsmans

    Professor Integrated Curriculum Development

    Dominique Sluijsmans will focus on the development of knowledge on the design and development of curricula that are coherent, teachable and susceptible to study. By doing so, she contributes to the ambition of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences to connect education, research and the improvement and renewal of the (regional) professional practice more intensively.

    About the professor

    As a doctoral educationalist, Sluijsmans has been active in the field of educational design since 1997, with a special focus on testing and assessment. She is interested in the value that assessment can have for the development of pupils and students.

    In her work, Sluijsmans has collaborated with various people within various educational sectors. She gets energy from working with schools and study programmes where, together with the team and with a critical eye, she wants to take a close look at the curriculum and the way assessments are carried out.

    Her experience as a researcher, advisor and speaker help Sluijsmans to work in a research-informed way, without losing sight of the specific context of a university of applied sciences or study programme and the issues experienced there.

    Other activities

    Sluijsmans also works as a lecturer in the Curriculum Development Master's programme of the Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences and Educational Sciences at Radboud University. She previously worked as a professor at the University of Arnhem and Nijmegen and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and as an associate professor at Maastricht University and the Open University. Sluijsmans obtained a doctorate from the Open University in 2002 with research into the development of peer assessment skills in future teachers.