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Dr. Fleur Prinsen

Professor Digital Didactics

Fleur Prinsen is professor of Digital Didactics at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The research falls within the research programme Optimalisation of Learning Processes of the Research Centre Urban Talent.

About the professor

Fleur Prinsen is originally an educational psychologist and completed this master's degree at Leiden University. She obtained her PhD at VU University Amsterdam on "Differences in collaborative computer learning". During a postdoc at Utrecht University, she conducted research within the metropolitan context into youth identity development via social media. In addition, Prinsen was a postdoc at international educational research institutes in Toronto and Singapore. Prior to her appointment at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, she conducted research at the Open University into network learning, distance learning and inquiry-based learning using mobile technology.


By Dr. Fleur Prinsen


By Dr. Fleur Prinsen