The warm story

    Doing more than delivering meals

    Zorgbedrijf Roeselare delivers 400 meals to elderly that cannot cook anymore (or for a short period of time) for themselves. Our vision is to do more than only delivering meals. Because a lot of people live longer at home, the demand for care increases. So, we try to do extra things such as:

    • Our chauffeurs are trained to assess signals of loneliness, fall prevention, malnutrition, dementia, and hygiene.
    • Our chauffeurs get the possibility to stay and eat together with the clients. The elderly clients are also able to join the chauffeurs on their meal-delivery drive, if they are so inclined.

    These two little things can mean a lot for the clients. And it gives us the opportunity to try to bring people to the service centers around Roeselare so they can learn to meet other people.

    Laurens Deboeuf
    +32 477 43 92 85