Educational garden ‘t Elsenhof

    Improving the link between neighbours

    This garden was the result of a community meeting with the neighbourhood, where we agreed to upgrade an old farmhouse. Not only did this upgrade mean the improvement of a neglected site, but it also leads to the prevention of illegal dumping. A place where education is central through a kitchen garden. An educational added value for primary school children from schools in the neighbourhood where students can learn about the circle of life: from planting to harvesting.

    From young to old active participating in farming. The idea is to let grow the ecological awareness of children. 

    The farmhouse is intended to improve the link between neighbours. It should become a place where people can come to ease, to meet other people and a place to relax. Intergenerational approach by different partners. This kitchen garden can lead to a site for intergenerational education and interaction.

    Peter Masschelein
    +32 51 27 27 10