A walk in nature: bridge of communication between generations

    by the Community Care & Open Protection of Elderly (KEKIF-API) of the Municipality of Heraklion

    The action is implemented by the Center for Community Care - Open Protection of the Elderly (KEKIF - API) of the 4th Municipal Community of Fortetsa district of the Social Development Directorate of the Municipality of Heraklion in collaboration with the 2nd Special Primary School of Heraklion.

    It is implemented as part of the KEKIF program. - API Fortetsa "Bridge of Communication between Generations: Exchange of emotions, experiences, thoughts ..." that started in 2002. This program involves a committee composed of elderly beneficiaries of the Center, under the coordination of its Social Worker, with the following aims: providing activities and recreation for the elderly, and promoting the intergenerational approach and communication.

    In order to achieve this goal there is cooperation with various agencies and services in the area (4th DK), namely: schools (kindergartens, primary and secondary schools), cultural associations etc.

    Due to the change of the season (summer entrance) on June 6, 2018, the activity "Going for a walk in nature" took place in "HERMES" (Agios Ioannis) park, with the participation of the Program Committee, Chorus and Occupational Therapy of KEKIF - APH consisting of elderly beneficiaries of the center and of course of the Secondary School students. The action was coordinated by the Social Worker and the Occupational Therapist of KEKOF - API of Fortetsa region with the cooperation of the school teachers.
    During the activity, seniors and children discovered ways of cooperating and communicating through play, music, dance, movement, and painting. At the same time, with the preparation of a dean, the elderly introduced the students to their own traditional eating habits. The meals were shared between the elderly and the children.