Promoting integrated care for the elderly

    by the Technological Educational Institute of Crete

    Promoting integrated care for the elderly through inter-professional undergraduate training in primary care professions: Feasibility, challenges and perspectives from a pilot educational initiative.

    The implementation of a pilot educational initiative introduced in the undergraduate training of primary care professionals with the aim to promote integrated care in primary health care. The initiative involved the joint practical training of medical, nursing and social work students in a municipal primary health care unit in Crete.

    The group was jointly trained to deliver a range of health and social care services to vulnerable population groups. The initiative involved joint theoretical training and joint casework and community assignments, while it further included individual and group educational supervision.

    The initiative has been shown to be feasible and acceptable by the students as well as effective in increasing the skills of undergraduate students in assessing and treating the complex bio-psycho-social needs of vulnerable populations in a collaborative manner.