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75+ home visits

Stay independent as long as possible

All Independent elderly of 75+ living at home (about 38,000 persons) in Rotterdam receive an invitation for a preventive home visit. The objective of these home visits is to come in contact with elderly in order to help them to stay independent as long as possible in their own home. Loneliness and social problems can be detected during these visits. Elderly also receive relevant information about possible help and services in their neighbourhood.

Two trained volunteers will visit the elderly in their home. The elderly receive an announcement of the home-visit by letter. The volunteers will have a conversation with the elderly using a (semi-) structured questionnaire and the answers of the elderly will be registered by one of the volunteers. The questionnaire contains several themes, such as social network (possibility of receiving help from others), health and quality of life. The duration of the home-visit is about an hour and a half. A team of professionals will determine, based on the outcomes of the home-visit, if a suitable intervention is required.

In 2016 about 2,000 elderly required an intervention based on the outcome of the home-visits.

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