The Leisure House

    A meeting point for a richer and healthier senior life

    The Leisure House, Lusthuset, situated in Boo Folkets Hus, is a meeting point for a richer and healthier senior life. Lusthuset is open all weekdays between 10-14. In the summertime we are closed, but Lusthuset opens up again in the fall. In Lusthuset, seniors can free of charge, for example play ping-pong, chess, billiard, cards or dance. Nevertheless, if you wish, you can just catch a cup of coffee or a spontaneous lunch and meet up with people. Depending on the day, we have a wide range of activities such as ballroom dancing, jazz concerts, story cafes, lectures, courses, etc. Seniors are given the opportunity to create all the activites themselves. PRO, SPF and SeniorNet provide a variety of courses for seniors.


    Preventive exercise and wellness is something we should all attend to on a regular basis and Lusthuset creates the perfect frame for it. Table tennis, senior gymnastics, yoga, qigong and dance in various styles are activities that we work with continuously during the year.


    Lusthuset offers a wide range of activities based on the visitors’ own wishes in addition to the daily opportunities of the open meeting point. The activities we work with includes:

    • Book tips • computer / iPad / smartphone courses • table tennis
    • Computer workshops • Stockholm history class• linedance courses
    • Frame weaving • live music dancing • senior balance courses
    • Painting • Qigong • English course • swing course • seminars


    Boo Folkets Hus, Nacka Kommun, SPF seniors in Boo, PRO in Boo, together runs the open meeting place Lusthuset for seniors at Boo Folkets Hus premises. A core group formed with representatives from the above organizations continuously develops Lusthuset based on the wishes of the senior visitors, but it is always the seniors themselves who creates the activities for fellow seniors.


    Albin Waerndt, Project manager
    +468-747 72 07, +4673-681 34 34