RUAS Datalab Healthcare

    The RUAS Datalab Healthcare is the Data & AI facility for education and research in the healthcare domain. It is located at the Rochussenstraat location of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences with the Research Centre Innovations in Care and the Faculty of Healthcare.

    About the lab


    Digital transitions are a spearhead in the strategic agenda of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. This entails a clear need for facilities and expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data technology. The RUAS Datalab Healthcare is a research datalab within Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences specifically for the healthcare domain that meets this need. Here, researchers, teachers, students, data scientists and/or project staff work together in a physical location on the digital transition in healthcare.

    The facility is intended for a growing portfolio of research projects where the use of Data & AI is desirable or even necessary. The datalab contributes to the individual development of teachers, researchers and students. Teachers and researchers then translate knowledge and experience into educational innovations around Data & AI in the healthcare domain.

    The RUAS Data Lab Healthcare is part of a federal structure of research datalabs within Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. This connection benefits transdisciplinary collaboration and also increases the joint computing power of the individual datalabs. In addition, the standardized approach makes Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences a suitable and attractive partner in the region for collaboration in the field of Data & AI.

    Healthcare domain

    A digital transition is necessary to provide appropriate and affordable care now and in the future. The government and international organisations also regard digitalisation as one of the most important drivers of change in healthcare. The use of Data & AI will fundamentally change healthcare.

    Healthcare professionals must soon be able to apply these technologies responsibly, competently and conscientiously. To this end, domain-specific knowledge and skills will have to be developed for all courses within the faculty. This starts with building and documenting knowledge, skills and expertise in the RUAS Datalab Healthcare in the field of Data & AI for health & wellbeing.  


    Main professorships datalab

    • Data Supported Healthcare
    • Eldercare (three professorships)


    • Data Fabric, a cloud environment for data science in education and research (with SURF)
    • Developing a train-the-trainer program in responsible Data & AI for healthcare (with NL-AIC)

    Student engagement

    • 461 students (bachelor's and master's) involved in research in the field of data science
    • Education developed for 4 courses and two minors

    Extraordinary student performance

    • Master student of the year (Mandy van Seventer: RARE Detect)
    • Nominations Young Medical Delta Talent Award (Semester 6 and DS&AI: ACT4FATIGUE)


    In 2024, the RUAS Datalab Healthcare will facilitate data research in the following projects:

    Natural Language processing

    • BETERZO (Erasmus MC, Medical Delta)
    • Learning health systems (ErasmusMC, Health Cloud Initiative)
    • Let data do the taking (Erasmus MC)
    • Transitions continue (Erasmus MC, Radboud UMC)
    • QoLEAD flagship project AI & dementia (NWO/JAIN)
    • BI process mining institutions for eldercare (RBS, WiB)

    Machine learning

    • ACT4FATIGUE (Erasmus MC, Maasstad, Rijndam, Physiotherapy network)
    • Children's IC newborns (Perined)
    • EDSDETECT (Erasmus MC, Maasstad, UZGent, MQ University, Clinical Genetics Roma)

    Computer vision

    • Automated observation Pediatrics (Zuyd UAS, WKZ, NVFK)

    Federated Learning

    • Prehab4all (All hospitals Zuid-Holland, Innovation Quarter, Medical Delta
    • EDConnect (EDS society, UZGent, Erasmus MC, Amsterdam UMC, Paris Decartes, Clinical Genetics Roma)
    • DataFabric (SURF)

    Remote Sensing

    • ICU Transfer (Biocheck, Erasmus MC, TU Delft)
    • PREGNADIGIT (Erasmus MC, UMCU, Bravis, Obstetrics network, Health-Holland)


    Project duration



    The HR Datalab Healthcare operates partly from direct financing by Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and partly from project funds for the research conducted.


    Research groups

    Integrated Care for Older People

    Preservation of Function for Elderly in life-course perspective

    Dementia; neuropsychiatric symptoms and behaviour