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Martijn van der Willigen

Intern Software Developer

Martijn van der Willigen, a fourth year Software Developer student at Sint Lucas in Eindhoven (vocational school for creative talent), is doing his graduation internship at RUAS Datalab Healthcare in Rotterdam & Prometheus Data Science Lab.

Martijn is a software developer student in his 4th year at Sint Lucas MBO. He is specialized in Unity with C#. He possesses Cambridge C1 certification.

His graduate internship is focused on supporting software development for data scientists focusing on healthcare innovation. Consider developing GitHub Repositories for using Data Science platforms such as Anaconda in conjunction with coding IDEs such as Visual Studio Code.

The focus will be on understanding how neural networks function (think large language models such as GPT-4 and Llama) for healthcare professionals. 

For this purpose, GitHub Repositories will be created including source code to allow healthcare professionals to use AI based on natural language processing (NLP) functionality such as prompt engineering via Hugging face Transformers + Lang Chain libraries, fine-tuning, and/or RAG implementations for making external resources searchable in the form of PDFs and/or applications such as SQL databases.

The latter has the advantage that LLMs can be used much more reliably to gain insights related to a specific field such as clinical reasoning.


By Martijn van der Willigen