Maurice van den Dobbelsteen

    AI & eHealth innovation manager

    As AI & eHealth innovation manager, Maurice van den Dobbelsteen works on embedding data innovations in the activities, organisation and projects of Research Center Innovations in Care.

    Maurice also works as an organizer and coordinator (together with Mark Scheper, expert on data in the healthcare domain) in the RUAS Program for Responsible Data & AI and in the RUAS Datalab Healthcare.

    Maurice van den Dobbelsteen is an alumnus of the Rotterdam Business School within RUAS. He later obtained an MSc degree in Science & Technology Studies from University of Amsterdam. His background lies in business, government and academia in the field of business and social embedding of technical innovations.

    In addition to his position at the HIKC, he is an informal caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.


    By Maurice van den Dobbelsteen