Rob van der Willigen

    Experienced data scientist and senior lecturer

    Rob van der Willigen is an experienced data scientist and senior lecturer at the school of Communication, Media and Information Technology, who holds a PhD in Biophysics and is heading the Data Supported Healthcare Datalab as Lead-Tech at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

    He is specialized in creating data infrastructure ---Data Fabric--- that drives the development of explainable AI models, customized for various applications, including data-driven Logistics 4.0, Healthcare Technology, Large Language Modelling, the Internet of Things, and Cyber-Physical Systems.

    His scientific endeavors have led to significant contributions in the field of data science. His affiliation with the knowledge centers Healthcare Innovation and Creating 010 and, along with his founding of the Prometheus Data Science Lab as part of the Digital Competence Center voor Praktijkgericht onderzoek and the HR-wide program for "AI & Ethiek," highlight his dedication to advancing the ethical and responsible application of artificial intelligence.

    Rob's  post-doctoral research collaboration with the Donders Center for Neuroscience at Radboud University resulted in a groundbreaking paper published in the prestigious Journal of Neurophysiology. This paper, titled "Spectral-temporal processing of naturalistic sounds in monkeys and humans", presented the results of psychophysical experiments demonstrating remarkable similarities in the way both species process auditory information. These findings provide fundamental insight into the shared evolutionary origins of the capacity for comprehending natural language. The required feature analysis, machine-learning modeling and data pipeline development were established with the high-performance computing infrastructure of the Prometheus Data Science Lab.


    By Rob van der Willigen