Mark van Velzen MSc.

    Researcher Data Supported Healthcare & Data Scientist at the HR Datalab Healthcare

    Mark van Velzen serves as a lecturer at the master's program in Physiotherapy, where he is responsible for the scientific curriculum guiding physiotherapists and the execution of their masterthesis.

    Additionally, he works as a researcher/ data scientist at the Research Center for Innovation in Care. Mark van Velzen has completed training in physiotherapy, manual therapy, and clinical epidemiology. Furthermore, he has delved into clinical informatics and data science. His 25 years of clinical experience in physiotherapy practices are integrated into his roles as a lecturer and researcher. Mark van Velzen is actively involved as a researcher and co-leader of "Data-supported Healthcare" and serves as a data scientist at the "HR Datalab Healthcare as well." The datalab serves as a helpdesk within KCZI/IVG for researchers and performs advanced statistics if needed. As a data scientist, he is poised to contribute to multiple projects and lectureships.

    PhD Research
    Throughout his clinical work, Mark van Velzen experienced the administrative burden of healthcare professionals and the absence of interoperable electronic health records (EHR). EHRs’ contain useful information, machine readable data is lacking and therefore not suitable for reuse nor learning. Computerized clinical decision support and automatic extraction of quality indicators are examples of reuse of health data.

    Consequently, he is currently undertaking doctoral research focused on developing and exploring the foundations of a Learning Health System (LHS). Mark van Velzen and Helen de Graaf- Waar are joint first authors of the design article titled "21st century (clinical) decision support in nursing and allied healthcare: Developing a learning health system: a reasoned design of a theoretical framework" [1], in which they articulate a framework for designing and developing an LHS.

    By request of the principals ZorgTech010, Mark van Velzen and Mark Scheper authored a foresight-paper titled "Data-supported healthcare and innovation" [2]. This document served as a prelude to his doctoral research.


    By Mark van Velzen MSc.