Sven Satimin

    Intern Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

    In the second year of his Applied Data Science & Artificial Intelligence studies at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Sven Satimin is not only a driven student but also an ambassador of his program.

    As a peer coach for Student Welfare, he provides valuable support to his fellow students.

    Now, Sven is facing an important step: his internship period. Driven by the desire to deepen his knowledge in the field of data science and artificial intelligence and refine his skills, he aims to become a competent data scientist.

    He is determined to develop ethical and responsible AI models and handle data responsibly, drawing on the knowledge he has gained during his studies. Sven consciously chose an internship at RUAS Datalab Healthcare because he has dreamed of a career in medicine since his highschool years. Now, he sees the opportunity to fulfill his passion in a modern way through data analysis and AI applications, enabling him to support people in innovative ways.


    By Sven Satimin