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First-year students whose studies are delayed, and therefore will fail to meet the Binding Study Recommendation norm in the academic year 2020-2021, will again have the opportunity this year to meet the Binding Study Recommendation norm in the next academic year. This applies to all students who started their first year at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) in September 2020. In contrast to last year’s cancellation of the Binding Study Recommendation, this year it is a postponement: In the second year, students who started at RUAS in September 2020 will therefore be required to obtain a certain number of study credits. The exact regulation that will apply is still to be determined. Lecturers and study career coaches will continue to discuss with students how they can successfully continue their studies, and we will provide guidance and advice in this regard.

That has to be looked at on a case-by-case basis. The university of applied sciences makes every effort to prevent negative effects on study progress as much as possible. If your study delay threatens to increase, report to your study career coach (SSC).

You stay at home according to the RIVM guideline and you cannot participate in an exam on location. Sign up for the test via the regular examination procedure at your study programme. We understand that it is annoying to miss a test because of this, but the safety of employees and students is paramount.

If you miss an assessment due to illness, you can make use of the regular resit. This also applies to missing an assessment due to Covid-19 complaints or quarantine. Make use of this opportunity because that is what the resit is for. If you do not pass this resit, it is not necessarily that you have no other options to sit the exam or assessment. Our rules, as they are stated in the so-called Student Guide, allow for the possibility of offering an extra resit in special cases. You can contact the Exam Board of your study programme to do so. Keep any documentation safe, such as confirmations of Covid-19 test appointments, test results or a doctor's statement.

Many tests are now taking place online or in the form of assignments, more than before under normal circumstances. The number of physical tests that are taken on location is limited. This reduces the chance of study delay because you cannot participate in tests.

If you do not comply with the RIVM rules and knowingly pose a risk to the health of (sometimes vulnerable) fellow students and teachers, disciplinary measures may be taken. We rely on everyone's common sense not to let it come to that and just take advantage of the resit.

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