Health complaints

    You can report sick in the usual way, as mentioned on this Hint page. You also must report to the RUAS employability advisor that you have been infected or are in quarantine. The advisor will report your infection to us (CCMT) anonymously, so that we can keep an eye on any clusters that may arise and pass them on to the GGD, so that we can take appropriate measures on location. In this way, we can protect the health and safety of all students and staff members within the school as best as possible.

    If you are ill or have been placed in quarantine, please follow the RIVM advice.

    It applies to everyone that you stay at home and have yourself tested at the GGD if you have corona-related complaints.To prevent entire classes from having to be quarantined, the government has adjusted the quarantine rules in higher education.It is your own responsibility to determine whether, and if so which quarantine rule applies to you.

    According to the regular sickness notification procedure. You can find this on the hint page disease and recovery.

    From 1 September, the employability consultants and the company doctor will work at the locations again. The RIVM guidelines are of course taken into account. Everyone is asked to come alone as much as possible and only as short as possible before the appointment.

    Depending on the situation, a telephone consultation remains possible.

    RIVM has drawn up guidelines on how employers can deal with vulnerable employees who run a greater and more serious risk of contracting Covid-19 and/or live together with a housemate who belongs to the risk group.

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences adheres to these guidelines. Moreover, as a Good Employer, we want to make sure that we manage and comply with these specific rules appropriately within our organisation. Managers have been expressly informed of these guidelines.

    In case an employee belongs to the group of vulnerable persons, it is advisable that the manager and employee reach good agreements with each other, in accordance with the guidelines, about the way in which the employee can (continue to) carry out the work (on location). 

    No, the government has decided that only primary and secondary school teachers will be given priority when making an appointment for testing.

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