Choosing a study & applying

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    On this page, you will find all information about choosing and applying for a study programme.

    You can also contact the staff of Study Information Centre: 010 794 44 00. 

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences receives a lot of questions about enrolling for a study programme after completion of MBO or HAVO. There is a chance that, as a result of the corona crisis, not all prospective students will get all formalities ready in time to register. The university recognises this problem, just as the government does, and is investigating what appropriate measures can be taken. The basic principle is that prospective students should not be the victim if they do not get formalities in order, through no fault of their own.

    Foreign students without a visa requirement are also included. This issue is receiving national attention and is also relevant for our students who want to transfer to the university. RUAS will endeavour to ensure that this group of students is not rejected on formalities.


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