At RUAS official business trips are discouraged, but they are not prohibited. Employees can, in consultation with the manager/course director or dean, decide whether travel is necessary or whether the planned meeting could take place online. Not only should health considerations be considered, but also sustainability factors.

    Keep an eye out on your health. In case of minor respiratory complaints stay at home and make an appointment to get tested at GGD.

    As Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, we cannot determine where our students and staff go on holiday. Keep in mind, however, that the coronavirus is experiencing a peak in some parts of the world and that some countries are experiencing another wave of the virus. The government has already announced that it will no longer bring back Dutch citizens if they are experiencing problems due to the coronavirus. It is now a matter of personal responsibility. Along those line, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences we can only advise you to use your common sense.

    In case of (imminent) calamities abroad, a student, or staff member must always call this number:
    0031 - 10 794 99 99. At this number, you can reach someone to offer primary support 365 days of the year, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. The officer is either employed by the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (when you call during regular office hours), or is an employee of ISP (International Security Partners). The number must not be used for other questions such as internships, deadlines, or other business that is not urgent. Students and staff can call this emergency number direct, or request to be transferred via a local telephone office by means of a collect call or reverse charge call. 

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