International students

    International students can get vaccinated in the Netherlands. On the website of the Dutch government and the RIVM (section 2.3) you will find information about any requirements and the time planning.


    In case of (imminent) calamities international student can always call this number:  0031 - 10 794 99 99.
    At this number you can reach primary support 365 days of the year, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week

    Questions about housing can be sent to

    Questions about practical things such as deregistration in case of premature departure from Rotterdam, can be sent to CoIA-Student Support:

    International students who need a doctor (GP) in Rotterdam, can find one through

    The whole world has been affected by  Covid-19 and therefore graduating this year can bring a lot of uncertainty about the next step. To help recent graduates,  Holland Alumni Network put together information about the available options and special considerations regarding those options related to the Corona crisis. Click here to read it. 

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