Measures on location

    These measures remain in force

    • Wash your hands regularly
    • If you have to sneeze, do it into your elbow
    • Wear a face mask when you move
    • If you have complaints, stay at home and have yourself tested at a GGD test location
    • Do a self-test twice a week when you come to college
    • Respect each other's space
    • Don't shake hands
    • Take your responsibility

    The air treatment systems in all buildings have been switched on, so that sufficient ventilation is provided everywhere. According to RIVM guidelines, proper ventilation is important for fresh air and for a healthy indoor climate. All our buildings more than meet the ventilation requirements for educational purposes. The air treatment systems are certified and checked continuously. 

    Face masks
    It is mandatory to wear a (preferably medical) face mask within the university of applied sciences.There are some exceptions to this rule:

    • If you sit and can keep 1,5 meters distance
    • If wearing a face mask is an obstacle for a student to follow an educational or research activity. In that case, a teacher or researcher may determine that a student may remove the mask, for example during a presentation or if non-verbal communication is important. Keep in mind that in that case it must be possible to keep a distance of 1.5 meters. For example, after a presentation, the teacher points out to the student that the mask must be put back on.
    • If you, as a teacher or researcher, have doubts about certain situations, discuss them with colleagues or your manager. You can also contact the Integral Security department with questions.
    • If wearing a face mask is an obstacle for a teacher or researcher when providing an educational or research activity and a distance of 1.5 meters can be kept. In that case, the mouth cap can be removed.
    • If you cannot wear a face mask for medical reasons. In that case, you can take the usual routes that you would otherwise take to get an exception on medical grounds. Students can report to the dean, employees to their supervisor.

    If students are known by a student welfare advisor and have previously issued a medical certificate, they can approach the student welfare advisor in question to obtain a facemask certificate. This will then be sent to the student in question as a PDF via email. To be sure, the general e-mail address of the location must be included in the cc. to be taken along, so that in the event of a student welfare advisor's illness the e-mail can still be continued. If a student is not known to a student welfare advisor, he can send a medical statement to the location address and a statement can be issued by the 'on-duty' student welfare advisor. The email addresses of the various locations can be found on Hint.

    We do understand that some students and colleagues find it difficult to come to the location under these circumstances. This out of concern for their own health, or that of someone near them. We also understand that people can be reluctant to express their concern openly. It should not be. We call on managers and study career coaches to discuss concerns within the teams and in the classroom.

    Employees can discuss any concern with their manager or with the occupational social worker. Students can contact their study career coach or counsellor. As communicated earlier, we are doing everything we can to set up the locations safely, so that it is easy to adhere to the guidelines. This is important because it allows us to continue teaching on location. We must all do our best and offer our students the best possible education, because it is our societal responsibility.

    The buildings will temporarily remain closed on Saturdays

    If you have corona-related complaints, you have stay at home and have yourself tested at the GGD.To prevent entire classes from having to be quarantined, the government has adjusted the quarantine rules in higher education.

    • Students under the age of 18 do not need to be quarantined if they have been in contact with someone who has corona and have no covid related complaints themselves.
    • Students aged 18 or older do not need to be quarantined if they have been in contact with someone who has corona if they had a booster vaccination more than a week ago or if they have had corona themselves in the past eight weeks and no longer have complaints.It is your own responsibility to determine whether, and if so which quarantine rule applies to you. If you are infected with the coronavirus, you no longer need to report this to the university of applied sciences.


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