Health complaints

    Do you have any health complaints that are related to covid? Then stay at home and get tested if you have complaints that are similar to Covid-19 symptoms. Do not come to class or exam..

    Please read the added section to the student handbook about Covid-19.

    f you have corona-related complaints, you have stay at home and have yourself tested at the GGD.To prevent entire classes from having to be quarantined, the government has adjusted the quarantine rules in higher education.

    • Students under the age of 18 do not need to be quarantined if they have been in contact with someone who has corona and have no covid related complaints themselves.
    • Students aged 18 or older do not need to be quarantined if they have been in contact with someone who has corona if they had a booster vaccination more than a week ago or if they have had corona themselves in the past eight weeks and no longer have complaints.It is your own responsibility to determine whether, and if so which quarantine rule applies to you. If you are infected with the coronavirus, you no longer need to report this to the university of applied sciences.

    You stay at home according to the RIVM guideline and you cannot participate in an exam on location. Sign up for the test via the regular examination procedure at your study programme. We understand that it is annoying to miss a test because of this, but the safety of employees and students is paramount.

    In case of health complaints: stay at home. This means when you have (mild) complaints that you do not visit a school location for an assessment either. If you have (mild) cold symptoms during the 'exam week', please stay at home, and wait for the Covid-19 test results, or if you have been tested positive, stay in quarantine (also when a housemate has been tested positive). You will not be admitted to school for on location assessments. In our regular assessment procedure, you are entitled to a resit in addition to the original assessment. Make use of this right, because that is what the resit is for.

    Should you not pass the resit, it is not always the case that you no longer have the opportunity to sit the assessment in question. Our rules, as set out in the so-called Student Handbook, offer the possibility of offering an extra resit in special cases. We consider health complaints, health tests and quarantine within the framework of Covid-19 to be a special circumstance and will therefore make generous use of this possibility the rules offer us. Pursuant to the corresponding Article, the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences will provide a solution so that you will not be disadvantaged if you cannot sit an exam in the exam week due to cold symptoms, a Covid-19 test or quarantine. An extra assessment opportunity wil be given at the end of the academic year. Your institute will soon inform you about the conditions and procedures.

    To be eligible for this, you must meet several strict conditions. For instance, it applies to on location assessments when students could not or were not allowed to participate because of Covid-19-related circumstances, such as: health complaints similar to Covid-19, a positive test result, waiting for a test result or being quarantined. Also, the student must have taken advantage of the other regular assessment opportunities. 

    More information on the exact details will follow at a later stage of the academic year. Keep a close eye on these updates! We want to send a message at this moment and react in the context of Covid-19, but we also want to take a look at how the pandemic will develop and what measures, if any, still need to be taken nationally or by us.

    What is important for now:

    • In case of health complaints, quarantine, waiting for a test (result) or in case of a positive test, do not visit a school location for an assessment.
    • It is important that you keep your documentation such as confirmation of test appointments, test results, doctor's certificate, et cetera, because the burden of proof will be part of the conditions for eligibility for this provision.
    • If you choose not to participate in assessments or resits for reasons other than those related to Covid-19, you will not be eligible for the same provision,
    • More information on the exact form and procedure for an extra (resit) opportunity will follow later in the academic year.  

    Many tests are now taking place online or in the form of assignments, more than before under normal circumstances. The number of physical tests that are taken on location is limited. This reduces the chance of study delay because you cannot participate in tests.

    If you do not comply with the RIVM rules and knowingly pose a risk to the health of (sometimes vulnerable) fellow students and teachers, disciplinary measures may be taken. We rely on everyone's common sense not to let it come to that and just take advantage of the resit.

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