Transfer from Associate Degree to Bachelor

    We would also like to make the transition from an Associate degree to a Bachelor study programme possible for students who want to continue their studies, but who have not yet completed their Associate degree programme. The coronavirus pandemic should not be the cause of a small study delay that prevents students from making the transition from an Associate degree programme to a Bachelor programme. We have drawn up an arrangement for these students.

    Inflow in a Bachelor study programme is possible if the completion of the Associate degree  programme is expected before 1 January 2021. The Exam Board of the Associate degree study programmes will draft a final advice to this end, based upon which registration for a Bachelor study programme is possible.

    Are you possibly experiencing some study delay, but do you want to transfer to a Bachelor programme? These rules (Dutch only) include how you can do so and what the conditions are. If you have any questions, ask the RAc Student Affairs team. Make sure that you register before 1 June.

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