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    On Monday 23 March, the government introduced new measures that have a far-reaching effect on our interactions and therefore make education on location impossible. For the sake of clarity for students and staff, we have decided to extend the measures, previously announced for higher education, from 6 April to 1 June. 

    The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has noted that this week measures have continually become stricter. It’s understandable. We have now reached the point where we think of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences as an 'online university': RUAS Online. That is the new normal. Which we will remain until further notice. The latter means at least until 1 June, but possibly longer. If national instructions allow, we will offer education at our locations again. But for now, we will operate as RUAS Online.

    This measure means that - where possible - all education and assessments are offered online. Our Exam Boards have been called upon to ensure as a matter of priority that the online method of assessments meets the standards of the law and our own regulations. Education and assessments that are not suited for the online format, for example, because the physical factor is essential, will be offered when education will resume as usual.  Accurate documentation is therefore important of what has and has not been offered so that it is clear for each student what he/she must still do and in what form. 

    More and more education is being offered online and the supply will increase in the coming period. The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences calls on students to keep up. Ask your study programme how the education is offered online and make sure you don't miss lessons unnecessarily!

    Students who are at a loss, are requested to report to their study programme, lecturer or Study Career Coach.

    For more information about BSA, please visit Study progress.


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