Academic Year 2020/2021

    All our buildings will be open again in the new academic year. The government will no longer set an upper limit on the number of people who can assemble in a building. However, everyone still must keep 1.5 metres away from others, even in buildings. This RIVM guideline contributes to a safe working and learning environment. This means that our locations can never be 100% occupied.

    We have calculated the maximum number of people that can be present in each building based on the 1.5 metre society. A simple example: where previously about 20 students could sit together in a classroom, now there can only be a maximum of 8. On average, the capacity of our buildings will not exceed 40 percent of what we were used to, although this varies per building.

    Compare it to a football stadium with spectators, who are once again welcome. There are 50,000 seats in De Kuip, but because of the 1.5 metre measure a maximum of 15,000 Feyenoord fans will probably be able to attend their club's matches. A limited occupancy also applies to our buildings. Partly for this reason, online education remains leading.

    All our buildings are open again from September. Earlier we also communicated that because of the 1.5 metre measure we can use on average about 40% of our normal capacity in the buildings. So most education will still take place online. For this reason, after consultation with the deans, scheduling staff and the central participation bodies, we have decided to divide the locations and rooms into clusters for the new academic year. Institutes, service departments and research centres will make joint use of one cluster of locations. In this way, students and staff will be more often present at their familiar locations.

    Grouping of clusters:

    Cluster locations Museumpark, Wijnhaven 99-101, Wijnhaven 103-105 and Wijnhaven 107

    • School of Communication, Media and Information Technology (CMI)
    • School of Teacher Training (IVL)
    • School of Social Work (ISO)
    • Rotterdam Academy (RAC)

    Cluster locations Kralingse Zoom, Posthumalaan and Max Euwelaan

    • HR Business School (HRBS)
    • Rotterdam Business School (RBS)

    Cluster locations Academieplein, Rochussenstraat, floors 1-6

    • School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (EAS)
    • School of Built Environment (IGO)
    • School of Health Care (IVG)

    Pieter de Hoochweg

    • School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (EAS)
    • School of Built Environment (IGO)

     Cluster locations Blaak 10, Wijnhaven 61 and Karel Doormanhof

    • Willem de Kooning Academie

    Location Rochussenstraar, floors 7-15

    • Service Departments

    RDM Innovation Dock

    • School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (EAS)
    • School of Built Environment (IGO)

    RDM Droog Dok

    • School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (EAS)
    • School of Built Environment (IGO)

    Location STC

    • Rotterdam Mainport Instituut

    Use of Satellite locations
    The satellite locations with which we collaborate on location, such as Bluecity, Galatestraat, Rotterdam Science Tower and Wijnstraat, will also be put back into use in accordance with existing agreements with institutes, research centres and CoEs. These only have one functionality: conversion from online to offline education. The exception to the rule is the sustainability factory in Dordrecht which can also be used for graduation and educational activities in practical workplaces, small-scale education 1st year students and 1 on 1 guidance of students. For the Sports Centre EUR the rules of the Erasmus University apply.


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