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Applied research projects

fall 2018

The applied research project is the heart of the minor and will run throughout the semester. You will work with a client on a resilience issue in both Rotterdam and a partner city. You will compare both cases and in doing so generate knowledge within the network of 100 resilient cities. There will be three different projects to choose form, each with a different focus. These projects will run simultaneously.

Every project has a different focus. You can express  your preference for the project that suits your interest and professional focus best.

After working on a project in Rotterdam you will work with one of the partner cities in the 100 resilient cities network on a project with a similar topic. The research in the partner city will take place on site in the shape of a two week pressure cooker.

Below, you find a general project description of the three projects you can choose from. During the project you will be able to formulate the exact research question, within this framework, together with your fellow students (groups of three) after consultation with the client and lecturer.

You will be able to express your preferences in a letter of motivation and during an interview. You receive information about the procedure once you have successfully subscribed. Students will be divided over the projects by the organisation of the exchange programme  taking into account the preferences of the students as much as possible.

Projects fall semester 2018

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