Rotterdam - Thessaloniki

    Opportunities for socio-economic development along new public transport connections

    Infrastructure, whether for cars or for public transport, generates new opportunities for socio-economic development; transport oriented development (TOD).

    In Thessaloniki the first subway connection is under construction. This will have a huge positive effect on the now often constipated car-oriented city.

    In Rotterdam there are plans to develop a new metro line that connect the south of Rotterdam to the north. The south of the city deals with with a multitude of problems due to a combination of social, economic and physical reasons. By connecting the area to the rest of the city this new subway connection can bring numerous new opportunities to the area.

    How can these cities profit socio-economically from these new connections?

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    General focus in this project

    • urban planning
    • civil engineering
    • real estate and housing facility management
    • mobility and logistics