Rotterdam - Bristol

    Affordable housing and liveability

    Both Rotterdam and Bristol are harbour cities. Both cities were bombed during World War II and thus saw their historical city centre destroyed.

    Now the financial crises is over, Rotterdam and Bristol are undergoing rapid urban growth.

    The pressure on the housing market is growing. How can cities stay liveable and in the meantime make sure that they can keep accommodating all sorts of people and not only the happy few?

    When the liveability in a neighbourhood improves by adding extra green in the area, housing prices go up immediately. Should we build new houses? Demolish or transform old outdated ones? Where should we realize these new houses how can we keep them affordable in the long run?

    How can cities supply enough affordable housing and improve the liveability of these neighbourhoods at the same time?

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    General focus in this project

    • building engineering
    • architecture
    • urban planning
    • facility management environmental engineering